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A well designed and properly constructed septic system can be expected to give years of acceptable service only if it is not overloaded and is properly maintained.  Standard and aerobic systems are designed to handle a limited amount of normal strength domestic wastewater.  Septic systems should not be used as if you are on city sewer. Either excessive volumes of water or excessive strength waste materials into a septic system can result in failure of that system.


Avoid hydraulic overloading:  Conserve water.  Fix dripping faucets and leaking toilets, replace them with low flow fixtures.  Do not leave the faucet running when shaving or brushing teeth.  Wait for full loads before running clothes or dishwashers.  Spread out laundry, do not do all in one day.  These are some of the ways to avoid overloading your system.

Lifestyle changes indoors: Do not put trash such as cigarette butts, paper towels or sanitary napkins in system.  Use biodegradable toilet tissue.  Avoid poring grease and oils down the sink.  Reduce or eliminate the use of garbage disposals.  Use liquid soaps and detergents when possible.  Avoid excessive amounts of bleach.  Do not put chemicals and harsh solvents such as paint, thinners and pesticides into system.

Lifestyles changes outdoors:  Know the location of your system.  Plant grass, not trees or shrubs over the tanks and drain field.  This will help to avoid roots causing stoppage and breakage.  Do not drive, build, install driveways or sprinkler systems over tanks, lines or spray heads.  Shed rain gutter sprouts away from system.

Pumping and cleaning: We recommend pumping a standard system ever 1 to 2 years depending on usage and weather.  Aerobic systems should be pumped every 2 years if not sooner depending on usage.  If you have an odor or standing water your system may need pumping or maintenance.  

Chlorine:   Do not use pool chlorine in your aerobic system.

Aerator: Avoid kinked air line and hoses.

Pumps: Built up sludge burns up aerobic pumps.

Control Panel: Check your wiring

Maintenance Provider: Have a licensed provider Circle M Co make routine checks to keep your aerobic system running smoothly. 


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